Muji Remei

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Muji Remei

投稿記事 by Uxz » 2017年10月01日(日) 02:03

hey Penspinning friends, my name is Uxz from GPC. I have some wishes that I want to realize, but i need your help :)

I need some Modding Parts which i cant get here in Germany

My Feedback:3/ 0 / 0 (upsb) ; 5/0/0 (gpc)

All i need is:

- 2 x Muji reimei
- 1 x rikota highlighter
- 2 x 2BallPen&SharpPen (2 grips)
- 6 x Zebra tect2way (6 metal rings)
(- Modrod Stuff)

Offer: Money (Paypal)

If you have some questions, please let me know :)

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Re: Muji Remei

投稿記事 by Lamb » 2017年10月16日(月) 20:19

Hi Uxz. This topic is "Selling topic".
If you need some pens, you should visit this way(viewforum.php?f=22) and make a topic.